Corn Kingdom

F3B Sputendorf competition nearby Berlin is nearly two weeks gone. Anyhow I’d like to present you few pictures and even less than few thoughts.


Downwind races (Steinfeldpokal Austria)

Looks like downwind races become more and more popular here in Central Europe. After F3B Ivancice (F3B WC 2009 airfield) where only one winchline direction was allowed (due to disagreement with farmer), we experienced same situation at airfield nearby Mollram in Austria. But there is big difference between Ivancice and Mollram. At Mollram we fly […]

F3B Brno Cup at Ivancice airfield

Few online comments from F3B Ivancice. It’s just excerpt from original article.

Friday Just coming to F3B WC Resort near by Ivancice for the first time. Actually village Budkovice is the closest one. Whole friday raining. Airfield is a bit muddy arena. Some pictures from airfield at WC 2009 website.