Game is over

Don’t be fooled. This picture doesn’t say truth about weather at this year Munchen F3B Oktoberfestpokal although weather forecast wasn’t too optimistic. Friday was very nice (Indian Summer), Saturday was so so and Sunday acceptable. Yes, took me ten years to forget always bad weather in Munich and come again.


F3B Lunen 2012

I like these autumn contests. Pleasant weather i.e. no grilling sunshine, reasonable temperatures and usually also some wind. It was exactly F3B Lunen 2012. When you add always friendly welcome beer at main hangar served personally by Peter Hubbertz, what more to ask?

Sunrise over Stadtkirche St.Georg which is close to flying field.


No wind

Weather forecast for this year F3B Kulmbach aka Plassenburg Pokal was warning us early enough. No wind and high temperatures.


F3B Hard Core

Premature corn harvesting…

CRPAL airfield is located close to very nice small picturesque city Anthisnes. Approaching target area I was surprised by very ragged and hilly surroundings. From Prague it’s about 9 hours of driving over Germany and we started already morning; good idea. Let’s go point by point.


F3B Nardt 2012

This weekend we were flying 5-th F3B Sonnenwendpokal at Nardt airfield. It was also international German F3B Championship. There will be next F3B World’s 2013 location. It’s about 70km NE from Dresden. Nardt surroundings is absolutely flat area ideal for F3B flying.


Battle of Arnhem

Weather forecast for this year F3B Arnhem was correct. It was really cold and cloudy. Saturday we experienced rain for a few hours.



The only natural phenomenon which I was missing during this weekend at F3B Kirchheim was – earthquake. We experienced everything else i.e. sunshine, black sky, no wind, storm, thunder storm, wind turn by 180° every 30 minutes, deadly sinks, deadly thermals, hail storm, rainbow. Well, I didn’t mention tsunami, but fortunately airfield at Hulben is […]