Corn Kingdom

F3B Sputendorf competition nearby Berlin is nearly two weeks gone. Anyhow I’d like to present you few pictures and even less than few thoughts.


After very long time we had strong wind (up to 10m/s?) straight to winch line. Together with excellent weather and friendly atmosphere just to say-super.

Anyhow, strong wind was at least for me so surprising that I was not sure if my 1,1 and 1,2 Platil will survive whole weekend. Survived, although I had to be a bit careful with my winch switch… At the end 3 years old 1,25 Speed line also helped me.

I found my Dingo definitely unbreakable, I was doing again maximum to  destroy it; no chance. I never had so robust, so light (1950g) and so good flying device.

When playing with servo plugs on receiver, it’s sometimes good idea to check correct plugs position numbers 3 and 4 (JR/Graupner numbering for V-tail) and not to swap them. Heart attack during launch was just passing by close to me (grin).

I found my Dingo in endless Corn Kingdom only thanks to Duplex (in Tx you hear Rx signal loss) and my teammate Michal Behensky. When I was trying to climb up on his shoulder to be a bit oriented, gay organizations would denounce me for cruel maneuvers.

Martin Weberschock, even when flying without his top team mattes (P.Hubbertz etc.) is able to win again. Maybe I’m wrong but I had feeling he just came to (Ost) Germany to help mission. All this I appreciate twice. My hat down…

Sure I’m happy to say Czech Petr “Fusino” Fusek was at the end on 2nd place i.e. in between Martin Webeschock and Andreas Kunz. Glad to say Czech F3B is slowly going up and up…

Alex Freiberg, Veljko Stojkov (on winch line) and LSC Condor Berlin made perfect job, thank you boys.

Yeahh and that’s all, CU somewhere at F3B Eurotour 2010

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