F3B Brno Cup at Ivancice airfield

Few online comments from F3B Ivancice. It’s just excerpt from original article.

Just coming to F3B WC Resort near by Ivancice for the first time. Actually village Budkovice is the closest one. Whole friday raining. Airfield is a bit muddy arena. Some pictures from airfield at WC 2009 website.

Going to bed. Talking with Jiri Tuma (X21, Evolution etc.) whats the biggest possible altitude to see 3m wingspan model. He says 1360m was record a years before. I say nearly impossible to see it. Whats you opinion?

Its early morning and really hot.  Hard day is comming. Winch line is direction 120-300deg. If there is any wind, maybe west 0.5m/s? If you want you  can write comments just bellow article.

During F3B WC there is frequency exception for U.S. pilots. Big measuring Benz is in testing mode.

Last duration group is just flying (1st round). Back wind on launch, but whole sky is full of thermals.

Slowly finishing B task, 1st round. Weather is changing to very dense cumulonimbuses. Some groups are really nice F3B nirvana. 30 laps or more…

Rain is starting.

Jesus, changing winch direction…

Speed is splitted to 4 groups. During 3rd group flights strong rain came. 3rd group is reflying.

Sunday 5:50
Saturday late afternoon were weather conditions extreme. Storms surround airfiled and Im not even sure if some duration rounds are within rules. I noted duration flights about 60sec. Organizers have problems to face all this complications. Only first round and 3 duration groups from 2nd round are finished. Forecast for Sunday is not better.

Next flying day is starting. Reversing winches…

We start with 2nd round/5th Duration group. Wind is nearly direct to winches. Nevertheless on horizon is huge ridge of rainy clouds.

Distance 2nd round is still in the air.

2nd round Distance finished. Speed will come after break.

Finally at home; Prague. Speed was at F3B WC 2009 airfield amazing experience and maybe some organizer blunders from Saturday were forgotten. Many pilots were starting speed from nearly 400m at bloody fast air. Wonderful final show. Take care…

Results at F3B WC 2009 website. Nice pictures at Martin Pilny website.

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