Bad Winch Man

Nice picture by my friend Jan “Carbon” Uhlik from F3B World’s. Hopefully your winches are under rules (grin). Next week I will present here another very interesting and maybe a bit shocking picture from Ivancice, stay tuned.

Text of German WCh protest and Jury statement

I filled in copies of above mentioned documents to my article about F3B World Championship 2009.

Storm(s) on my head

It was just coincidence. I decided to join organizer staff after Eurotour F3B Brno Cup 2009 which was held at July 3-4th this year i.e. three weeks before this F3B World Championship. This contest was organizer failure and there was danger that in same way could happen also F3B World Championship 2009. Not easy […]

F3B WCh 2009 Ivancice links (updated Aug 9)

Some links related to this year F3B World Championship in Ivancice, Czech Republic. If you have others, just add it to comments or let me know at info(at) Czech weather links.

F3B WCh 2009 Official website F3B WCh 2009 Airfield F3B WC+WCh 2009 at RCSolutions (new)

F3B team USA and blog thread at RC Groups […]

Some useful links for F3B WC 2009

Weather for Czech republic Weather for Czech republic (math model) Columns from left; teplota=temperature, srazky=precipitation, vitr=wind, oblacnost=clouds Cloud Radar (to get local time add +2hours to UT Time) you should have Java in browser enabled

On request I can add others.