LOLO5 firmware update 2.93

As I mentioned in news, LOLO5 production is stopped (sold out) and I started to work on LOLO6. Prototypes should be ready within 1-2 months. Sure, support for LOLO5 is running in normal manner. I bring you new firmware update. Please, follow instructions.


LOLO5 under test

Thanks to my good friends I had chance to measure my LOLO5 logger in calibrated pressure chamber. We were “flying” more than 60 minutes up to 4000meters ( more than 13.000 ft). Although LOLO5 was designed for RC model users i.e. approx. up to 1000meters (3.300 ft), error in 4000meters was 6,4% (254m/833ft). Bellow you […]

LOLO5 owner?

LOLO5 owner? Ok, relax… Thanks to my good friends I had chance to measure randomly choosen LOLO5 logger in professional pressure chamber. Source of pressure is working with error 0,5Pa at 100 000Pa. Results?


How to fine tune your airplain using LOLO5 analysis?

Starting right now there is available new generation LOLO5 recorder. Step by step I’m adding some examples from real life. Now you can read about flap servo record and how to understand it.

LOLO5 is available…

Looks like after one year of testing and flying, I can offer you successor of well-known LOLO/Alti loggers-LOLO5 is here! Marry Christmas…