F3G Litomyšl

Spolek leteckých modelářů Litomyšl is pleased to invite to F3G contest. Date is 9.-10.7.2022.

Announcement Litomysl F3G 2022

F3G Czech Championship 2022

We would like to invite you to 1-st F3G Czech Championship. Date is 27.-28. August 2022, Jehnědí. Announcement Jehnedi F3G 2022. With any questions, comments contact Roman Vojtech. You can also register at MFSD

F3G Jehnědí 2022

We would like to invite you to our first F3G contest this year. Announcement Jehnedi F3G 2022 (PDF)

In total we plan this year to have four F3G contests:

1.Jehnědí 21.-22.May 2022
2.Česká Lípa 28.-29.May 2022
3.Litomyšl 9.-10.July 2022
4.Jehnědí Czech F3G Championship 27.-28.August 2022

You can see our F3G and F3B dates at calendar (Czech version only)