Downwind races (Steinfeldpokal Austria)

Looks like downwind races become more and more popular here in Central Europe. After F3B Ivancice (F3B WC 2009 airfield) where only one winchline direction was allowed (due to disagreement with farmer), we experienced same situation at airfield nearby Mollram in Austria. But there is big difference between Ivancice and Mollram. At Mollram we fly only one winch direction since ever(?) and it could be expected although not requested (joke).

Bernhard Flixeder (Austria). Skillful boy. Passing through not easy competition without any serious problems.

Weather and wind was playing tricky games with us but launching downwind for experienced pilots is not so complicated task. Anyhow not everybody was performing well in these conditions. Manfred Lex and Fritz Leeb were running competition smoothly and only I was irritating base judges while flying too close over base A (only one A/B base flying path was allowed-NW).

I was flying Dingo from VVModel. I have it in my hands about one week and takes some time to get acquinted with it. Congratulation to Patrick Piss (Radical), Hans Rossman (Freestyler 3) and Martin Ralis (Tanga).

Schwarzatal website with pictures and results

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