F3B WCH 2019 Bulletin

Jan Stonavský and his crew published 1-st Bulletin of F3B WCH 2019

New F3B calendar 2018

At www.f3b.de you can see F3B 2018 calendar.

Joe Wurts thermalling

Lesson one and two (YouTube) by Joe Wurts about thermals. Thanks to Pierre Meunier(?).

Pictures from F3B Nardt

Few nice pictures by Arek Morawski from F3B Nardt.

F3B Mlada Boleslav results

Detailed results from F3B Mlada Boleslav (PDF)

F3B Jesenik 2016

Detailed results from F3B Jesenik (PDF)

Free Comments

Free comments are again available without registration. Many links, especially to Old Lomcovak, are not working. Questions is if I will find enough energy ever to fix it. Don’t believe it. [continue]