Just a few pictures…

Just a few pictures from my China 2011 archive. Enjoy!

John Skinner (Australia) and his Chinese children

18-th FAI F3B WorldChampionship, Laiwu, China

Bellow you will find some useful links relating to F3B Worlds in China, September 2011. If there is time and enough energy, sometimes I can write here short comments to this event. Please, keep in mind, this is my private website. Respecting this fact, treat all informations here properly.


F3B U.S. Podcast

Paul Naton from Radiocarbonart sent me link to podcasts with Joe Wurts and part of U.S. F3B team going to China. Listen.

F3B WC Update #25

I just got from Yiwen document (DOC) where you can find all info about exibition activities during F3B Worlds and CIAF (China Int’l Aerosports Fiesta).

P.S. Just for fun look here. It’s already TEN years…

Exibition pavilon is under construction in the center of picture on horizon. Will be ready at CIAF. This […]

F3B WC Update #24 (refreshed Aug.25)

Seems to me time before F3B World Championship is running faster and faster. Some last informations which you can find useful before heading to China.

Official forwarder and shipping manual of F3B 2011 PDF and XLS (you will find it also at official F3B WC 2011 website) New shipping manual, there is different consignee address […]

F3B WC Update #23

Today I was nearly full day at ASFC headquarter. We made with Yiwen lot of work. Solved many outstanding matters. Hopefully helped you.

My mail (info@lomcovak.cz) was out of order. Now should be fixed. If you got “bounced” from my mail, please resend. As you can read at official WC website, please send date and […]

F3B WC Update #22

It’s 22:15 (UTC+8) local time. Comming to Beijing from Laiwu. Tomorrow morning going to ASFC headquarter. Starting now you have aprox. nine hours to send me (pls to PM, not here) any serious request which needs my personal assistance here in China. Talking to me face to face is no fun (smile), therefore last chance […]