Today I fly my Tanga ( in following configuration:

LOLO5; records altitude, voltage, flap servo (JR/Graupner Nr.6) SPELO5; records speed (IAS-Prandtl probe), voltage, elevator servo (JR/Graupner Nr.3) TENZO; records line tension JETI Duplex R6 Receiver (2,4GHz)

All three devices are time synchronized, some data are seen on-line on my transmitter via JETI Duplex downlink. […]

Tanga-Let’s start

At the beginning of this year I got finally my Tanga from Bretamodel. This project, as far as I know, is cooperation result of Boehlen’s family (dedicated Tanga website), Norbert Habe and already mentioned Bretamodel. This species combination was for me promissing and I decided to build and fly this airplane. I will present here […]