F3B Munchen

Weather (always) could be better. Nearly everywhere in Central Europe was nice Indian summer only in Munchen area heavy low clouds, bad visibility and occasional slight rain. But it’s autumn isn’t it?

At the beginning of week I crashed both my models; prototype Stinger (flying whole season) and original two years old Stinger. Wednesday […]

F3B Mladá Boleslav (updated Sept. 15)

Weather forecast was correct (see bellow)-nearly F3B paradise. Reasonable temperature (“only” 28°C/82°F) and wind 5m/s (SE) just about 45° to line. Already a few weeks before contest we agreed cooperation with Badesalz team. Nice and efficient work with Martin Weberschock, Helmut Edenhofer, Frank Thomas and Michael Mohr. Thank you boys.

In total we were flying […]

No Wind II

I could just carbon copy my report from Kulmbach 2012 (incl. F3B FAI rules minutes). No wind and deadly hot. There was anyhow one pleasant change. US and Australian F3B teams came for F3B Worlds early enough to become acclimatized for European conditions. I was pleased to meet all that nice guys after nearly two […]

Belgium 2013

I like these contests with aprox. 50 pilots. It’s optimum. You have (sometimes) time to relax and still flying quite often.

This year we were happy (with Jan Kohout) to join French Top Team, Isabelle and Patrik Medard, Philip and Jeremy Lagrue. Smooth and precise cooperation. Simple with professionals…

Long trip for us; nine hours […]

Variable Jesenik

That was busy week, but finally I can offer you brief report from F3B Jesenik to make my WorldCup 2013 series reports complete.

3-rd week of June was really extreme here in Central Europe. Tuesday and Wednesday were the most hot days by last 60 years, up to 37°C (99°F) and Friday we witnessed temperature […]

Results F3B Jesenik

Detailed unofficial (official see www.f3b.de) results from F3B WorldCup Jesenik (ZIP)

Arnhem (updated May 13)

How to start tiny report from this year Arnhem F3B Open? Weather forecast was bad but reality was again (see Cakeheim) even worse (permanent rain, wind gusts, heavy showers). Looks to me that after this year tough winter and first two European World Cup events (Colmar, Kirchheim) we are ready for anything.