Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019

Wish you all the best in comming year. Looking forward to see you at any airfield around the globe.

F3B Jesenik is canceled

Due to unsuficient number of registered and paid pilots, Jan Stonavský decided to cancel this year F3B Cup Brno (Jesenik).

F3B Colmar 2018

Nice first F3B contest in this year season. For me a bit extreme temperatures (night in sleeping bag -3°C, day 28°C) after this year bloody winter, but all in all OK. Efective cooperation with Belgium-France buddies, thanks.

Big merci beaucoup to family Krust and  theirs melody boys. Results at

F3B World Championship 2019

Czech Republic is going to officially place a bid for F3B World Championship 2019.  Let’s see. F3B for ever!

F3B season 2018 starts this weekend at Florida (2018-02-24)

This Friday (23-rd Feb) new F3B season starts at famous Florida’s Gator 2018. Wish I would be there. You can watch Gator thread at RCGroup. Good luck boys…

Preliminary results at

Pour Féliciter 2018

Wish you relaxed Christmas time, successful new year 2018 and good air under your wings.

F3B Munich 2017

Already several years back we have goodluck with weather for last contest of F3B season; Munich. Anyhow wind conditions were not easy while you could launch anywhere but you was not sure if it’s correct direction for the best start. Weak variable wind was circling around whole weekend.


There is big thanks to […]