Czech F3B Championship 2020

It’s not easy this year with F3B contests, isn’t it. Anyhow, I’d like to invite you to Czech F3B Championship 2020. You are welcome! Contest is not part of FAI CIAM F3B World Cup. Instructions (PDF).

F3B WCH Jeseník

9.8.2019 Friday

Czech F3B Team. From left Pavel Marek, Ondra Schreiber, Jiří Tůma, Jan Thienel, Jan Kohout, Roman Vojtěch, Michal Behenský a Petr Fusek

Big congratulation to Andreas Bohlen, Frank Thomas and Thomas Kubler. Big congratulation to Swiss, Austrian and German teams. That’s the end of Jesenik 2019 F3B WCH story. [continue]

F3B WCH 2019 Jeseník (4.8.2019) aka Before


Initial ceremony after strong rain

Jesenik-WorldCUP-2019 Final Results (tent is slowly sinking in thunderstorm water-smile)

1ABC 2AB, now final speed in reverse order

1ABC 2A, storm is comming…

F3B WorldChampionship 2019 starting list [continue]

F3B WCH 2019 Bulletin

Jan Stonavský and his crew published 1-st Bulletin of F3B WCH 2019

F3B Jesenik is canceled

Due to unsuficient number of registered and paid pilots, Jan Stonavský decided to cancel this year F3B Cup Brno (Jesenik).

F3B Colmar 2018

Nice first F3B contest in this year season. For me a bit extreme temperatures (night in sleeping bag -3°C, day 28°C) after this year bloody winter, but all in all OK. Efective cooperation with Belgium-France buddies, thanks.

Big merci beaucoup to family Krust and  theirs melody boys. Results at

F3B World Championship 2019

Czech Republic is going to officially place a bid for F3B World Championship 2019.  Let’s see. F3B for ever!