Mag+ manual

Magnetic switch Mag+ manual for those few happy owners.

Be smart

Last year at F3B World’s my friend made picture of Japanese guy using small greaser tank to oil line. I found this idea as very clever and used it in my own way. I found following pros in this way to grease line:

  • ecologic+economic
  • clean (I hate all that sprayed siliconized stuff+staff, silicon everywhere)
  • tiny
  • cheap
  • automatic (before going for parachute, just hang on greaser and that’s all, after comming back deploy greaser)

I don’t think few pictures bellow needs some comments. Maybe only one, I use few drops of pure silicon, in commercial spray there is max. about 5% of silicon.

Transreflexive display for Jeti Duplex

My friend Martin “Curly” Laza made for me new display for Jeti Duplex. Legibility is far better than original JetiBox; see picture bellow. Also weight 12g is very pleasing. I have plan for specific use, stay tuned.

JetiBox modification

JetiBox from Czech company Jetimodel is used as control/display terminal for theirs 2.4GHz Duplex system. Terminal itself is a bit big and just calls for modification. My friend Tomas Humpolec made such simple JetiBox tweek. I found following advantages:

  • modified JetiBox is smaller and lighter
  • we used different buttons, they are more reliable and comfortable
  • I can keep JetiBox on my transmitter; no need to dismantle JB before putting Tx to suitcase
  • modification is easy and cheap

Now just to find easy way to cover display during races (no info from model is allowed during competition flight) and JetiBox can stay on my old Graupner MC-24 forever. BTW soon will come transmitters with telemetry info implemented on system Tx display and maybe these info will have no chance to be switched off(?) Hopefully designers of these companies are aware of this fact-no telemetry during competition flight.

Link to picture gallery you will find at Czech version of this article.