Pour Féliciter 2023

Happy New Year 2020

Happy landings not only on airfiled wish you in year 2020.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019

Wish you all the best in comming year. Looking forward to see you at any airfield around the globe.

Pour Féliciter 2018

Wish you relaxed Christmas time, successful new year 2018 and good air under your wings.

Joe Wurts thermalling

Lesson one and two (YouTube) by Joe Wurts about thermals. Thanks to Pierre Meunier(?).

Pour Feliciter 2017

Wish you all the best during Xmas and also in year 2017

Mag+ magnetic switch and Jeti telemetry

We prepared Mag+ magnetic switch new firmware update. Besides the others these new features will allow you to have under control e.g. used capacity of your on-board LiIon batteries (quite flat discharging characteristics, beware). List of features:

  • Compatible with Jeti Telemetry incl. JetiBox and DC/DS transmitters. Signal cable originally used for LED external display is connected to EXT. Jeti receiver port.
  • Maximum measured capacity is 8000mAh. If over this limit -999mAh is displayed.
  • Max. Voltage 13V, max. Current 20A (peak).
  • All other parameters and features are same as in original Mag+
  • New firmware is available on request (info@lomcovak.cz). If you own LOLO USB dongle you can flash update by yourself. If you don’t have USB interface I will make flash for you just for return postage.