Raná Open 2015

Details about this year WorldCup F3F contest; Raná Open 2015.

WorldCup 2014

Preliminary WC 2014 contests list. Thanks to Jan Stonavsky PDF.

F3F EU Championship

Slovakia, Donovaly 2013. Amazing area where 1-st F3F European Championship is held. Detailed results and chat from US (Woow!) pilot Tim Traver.

F3F at Taiwan

Pang Yong Wee sent me link to report from another F3F race at famous Taiwanees Typhoon  slope.

F3F Euro and Worlds

F3F Europe Championship 2013 will be held at Slovakia, Donovaly. F3F Worlds 2014 will be also there; Slovakia, Donovaly.


Recently just by coincidence I was talking to several friends about wing loading and FAI limits. It was not clear to me how is actually surface area calculated. Searching SC4_Vol_F3_Soaring_12,  SC4_Vol_ABR_12 and asking Tomas Bartovsky about help I found following: [continue]

F3F WC 2012

Bulletin nr.0 (PDF), 1-st WorldChampionship F3F Kap Arkona 2012