Binningen’s carnage

It’s quite long trip from Prague to Binningen, at least at Central European standards (7 hours one way). Weather forecast was a bit unsure but reality was even worse.

When we came Friday to airfield just after winch setup really heavy rain started. We had big pools in tent and also on airfiled until Sunday […]

Mlada Boleslav Cup 2014 (updated Sept. 10)

Updated Sept.10

2.MB.Cup-2014-RESULTS (PDF) and few pictures

The 2.MB Cup 2014 takes place at a brand new airfield with no flying limits for the competitors!

Dear competitors, as we wanted to prepare the best conditions for a perfect competition, we managed to ensure an ideal airfield completely distant from any buildings and with no other […]

Pike Precision LDS and some other details

I had chance to make some detailed pictures of my crashed F3B Pike Precision. Maybe can help somebody. Some raw data:

I’m using Jeti DC-16 transmitter, Jeti R9 receiver and also LOLO5+ altitude logger. I used 2S LiIon HighLoad (20A) 2000mAh Samsung 18650 (PDF) cells and Mag- magnetic switch. For CG 106-107mm about 60g lead […]

1.32 F3B parties

Last three F3B WorlCup contest were quite windy. We were using mostly 1.32 MegaLine. I have in mind Nardt (GER), Jesenik (CZE) and Athisnes (BEL). It’s always pleasant if you don’t have to care too much about your launch setup because you have good altitude anyhow. BTW in Athisnes we were using also 1.5ML (thanks […]

Bad weather (F3B Kirchheim and F3B Arnhem)

Looks as at last two F3B WorldCup contests we had weather bad luck. In Kirchheim we were flying only two rounds at Saturday. Sunday was canceled (low clouds, strong rain). Situation in F3B Arnhem was even worse. Not even one completed round. Boring situation for everybody. Don’t worry next time will be better (smile).

Results […]

Panier sucre (F3B Colmar 2014)

F3B Colmar is first FAI WC/Eurotour F3B European contest in season 2014. I will start from the end-price giving. On many contest you can obtain very original prices. Somewhere you will get coffee cup, somewhere you can win bottle of good wine, at Gator you can win gator head and at Colmar everybody got lovely […]

FAI CIAM Plenary is close

Already at April 11 there is starting FAI CIAM plenary meeting in Lausanne. In agenda (PDF) there are many rule change proposal, but I will try to focus on F3B/J/F and „gyro“ use. Text starts at page 35 onwards.

You will find that changes regarding „gyro“ are proposed only for F3F and F3J. We know […]