F3B World Championship 2017

F3B World Championship 2017 in Jeseník, Czech Republic has official site. If you have any questions which you can’t find answer there, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will do my best to help you. Valid especially for my not-European friends.

Pour Feliciter 2017

Wish you all the best during Xmas and also in year 2017

Mag+ magnetic switch and Jeti telemetry

We prepared Mag+ magnetic switch new firmware update. Besides the others these new features will allow you to have under control e.g. used capacity of your on-board LiIon batteries (quite flat discharging characteristics, beware). List of features:

Compatible with Jeti Telemetry incl. JetiBox and DC/DS transmitters. Signal cable originally used for LED external display is […]

May your home be full of happiness and cheer in this joyous Holiday Season!

Gator 2016 check-in is open

For years is F3B Gator in USA opening contest of F3B WorldCup series. For next year it’s the same-check in! Gator web site. You can also check RCG thread Gator 2016.

F3B WC 2015 Deleen (upd. July 31, 2015)

Unofficial ranking list after Round1 (PDF), Round2 (PDF). Thanks to Tomas Bartovsky. Looks to me that organizers have serious problems with public communication.

P.S. So far is for me big mystery how they can present results from Arnhem Open when only one round was flown.


Sonix from VVModel

New F3B model Sonix from VV Model is at home. It’s successor of Stinger. Wingspan 3090mm, different airfoil, higher aspect ratio, alternative dihedral (two wing joiners), longer arm wing/tail, new inner structure of fuselage (stiffer), fuselage with cabin (no nosecone).

There will be also new F3F model; Sonet. Shorter wingspan 2950mm, different airfoil (faster), shorter […]