F3B Munich 2017

Already several years back we have goodluck with weather for last contest of F3B season; Munich. Anyhow wind conditions were not easy while you could launch anywhere but you was not sure if it’s correct direction for the best start. Weak variable wind was circling around whole weekend.


There is big thanks to whole organizer staff guided by triumvirate Armin Hortzitz, Reinhard Krischke and Karl Hinsch.

We finished final speed and heavy rain started; what a good luck. Besides at prize giving Ralf Decker resigned to FAI F3B WorldCup coordinator. He got standing ovations from all of us. Ralf deserves this. Martin Weberschock will be responsible for FAI F3B WorldCup next years. Not easy task for Martin to stop slow F3B dying.


Wish you nice autumn. Accumulate resources for next year F3B season.

Results from Munich at RC Solutions

F3B Worlds Results


Reinhard Liese…

…died today morning. Always relaxed man and legend of F3B world. Reinhard R.I.P.

Czech F3B team at World Championship 2017

This year starting 5-th  August czech F3B team will participate at F3B World Championship.

Pilots of F3B Czech team:

Petr Fusek Jan Kohout Roman Vojtěch (TM)

Helpers: Michal Behenský Jiří Tůma

As I know WC location (airfield Mikulovce LKMI) quite well don‘t hesitate to ask me any questions about this place. I‘d like to help […]

F3B World Championship 2017

F3B World Championship 2017 in Jeseník, Czech Republic has official site. If you have any questions which you can’t find answer there, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will do my best to help you. Valid especially for my not-European friends.

Pour Feliciter 2017

Wish you all the best during Xmas and also in year 2017

Mag+ magnetic switch and Jeti telemetry

We prepared Mag+ magnetic switch new firmware update. Besides the others these new features will allow you to have under control e.g. used capacity of your on-board LiIon batteries (quite flat discharging characteristics, beware). List of features:

Compatible with Jeti Telemetry incl. JetiBox and DC/DS transmitters. Signal cable originally used for LED external display is […]