Arnhem (updated May 13)

How to start tiny report from this year Arnhem F3B Open? Weather forecast was bad but reality was again (see Cakeheim) even worse (permanent rain, wind gusts, heavy showers). Looks to me that after this year tough winter and first two European World Cup events (Colmar, Kirchheim) we are ready for anything.


  • Wout+Erik Heijne together with Jeroen Smits made good job in challenging weather conditions. For sure I’m not able to name all that brave men and women sitting on bases or standing in buffet for whole two days. Respect.
  • Wind was in average about 6m/s and more. Sometimes much more.
  • Seems to me Lucas engines and lines above 1,30 made good job in these conditions
  • Don’t fly too much downwind even with F3B race machine. Can be exiting to get back. Luckily I ballasted also for Duration.
  • Breaking two lines within 3 minutes Speed working time is always issue. Shit happens (Thomas Dylla). There were many other fatal flaws of top pilots, but this is reason why F3B is so thrilling experience again and again.
  • I was flying Speed 3700g. I should fly more. Some guys were flying 4300g or even more. My altitude Speed budget was far from optimum. I will try next time, but this I promise to myself already years. So far only promises (smile).
  • Just next F3B Anhem Open and in 2015 F3B world will meet at Wide Open Spaces in Deleen Air Base.
  • Total results at (PDF), Speed (PDF) and few pictures.

Written May 10

Looks as weather is not big fan of our flying here in Europe this spring. Packing all stuff and start to F3B Arnhem Open 2013. In meantime you can read my report from last year.


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