Cakeheim (updated May 1)

To organize F3B contest for more than 100 pilots is not easy task. Organize such contest in bad weather is challenge. Modellsport Club Kirchheim Teck e.V. crew made excellent job. Michael Seyfang and Ueli Trautwein on winchline and Hans-Peter Goelz in background were guiding us between fog and rain quite safely. _DSC0336x

My brief Kirchheim F3B Open 2013 notices:

  • Weather forecast was bad and reality maybe even worse. No Saturday and sparse Sunday flying. Bad visibility-fog and raining were our enemies. Wind mostly variable. You could launch anywhere but result was without warranty
  • Two speeds, two durations and one distance were results included.
  • Running results you could access via smartphone and QR code on-line just on airfield. Thumb Up!
  • Rest of 2-nd duration (and rest of 1-st distance) was flown from 150m turnaround line and possibly in downwind direction! Ingenious idea, no irony in this case. Since ever I’m convinced F3B guys are the best silent flight pilots and they should be able to face any conditions. It was thrilling to watch guys fighting for every second from 200m launches in questionable visibility condition. To have 10:00 and 100 points from 330m launch is not so big science (for me is even such case issue-smile). Regularly and even on World Championship I would use this option to sort-out a bit ranking list. Thumb Up!
  • For sure, cakes were lovely, hmmmm…
  • I guess Kirchheim Open is the most challenging F3B contest in the world and this year it was confirmed again. See ya next year there again.


Updated May 1

Back to 150m starting line. I was consulting this matter and looks as it was questionable decision. Why? In rules you can read: Launching
b) Upwind turnaround devices, which must be used, shall be no more than 200 metres from the winch. The height of the axis…

Argument of organizers was “If we are 150m we are no more than 200m”. For first view sounds logical. But let’s look at this matter from opposite site.

Organizer constrains you to use 150m line. You could reject this because there is no word in rules you can’t use line longer than 150m. Mmmm, anyhow it was fun to fly 100m shorter line (smile)



2 comments to Cakeheim (updated May 1)

  • Sylvain

    Hi Roman,
    It was also very cold and rainy when we were back home. Nice contest anyway with top organizers.
    Stutgart museum is very nice for saturday’s visit! The F3B Familly is still impressiv, fair and we had good time, interesting discussions. We also flew and the contest was validated. A great challenge in these conditions.
    See you soon

  • Hi Sylvain,
    we say “No Prosecutor, no Judge”. There was no claim, therefore everything was OK.