F3B WC Update #9

Starting 9-th to 14-th May I should be personally in China to consult all details, visit contest site etc. After this visit I will definitely confirm/deny my CD position at this year F3B World Championship.

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  • Tim Kullack wrote:

    Hi Roman,
    I hope you are well.

    With regards to your F3B trip to China next week.
    Could you please enquire about an address ?? or something for those who may be looking to send winch equipment via sea freight.

    Best Regards and good luck with your trip.
    PS Nice to the organisers planning to cater for the Aussies with ambulance at the field 🙂

  • Hi Tim,
    I will ask Yiwen help to answer your question. Hopefully we won’t need ambulance for anybody.

  • Yiwen.Niu

    I had consult with our people in charge of the aerobatic planes for the
    CIAF every year.

    If people wish to send their equipments here, they would have to work
    with a company to transfer their equipments into China, we could not
    decide which port it goes to, that company will choose a port.

    Our side will work with an company too to clear the Custom for their
    equipment, this company will contact us when the cargo had arrived the
    port and we will sign in to prove it is recived.

    I would like to know how you usually do when take part in the past
    championships in europe.

    Please let me know if there is anything else I could help.

    You could reach me at this e-mail address: coltnvr@sina.cn

    Thank you