Uuuuu….I’m flying (updated April 26, 2011)

…was one of many lovely Acoupack Band songs at Saturday’s social event at F3B Kirchheim Open 2011.

Three days of really top flying F3B experience. I’d like say thanks to Hans-Peter Goelz, Michael Seyfang and Ueli Trautwein for really nice competition. Sure they had support from all other club members and theirs wives, friends etc. For me one of the best races at last period.

  • Nice weather although still cold (April, no surprise). Nights in tent were a bit on the edge.
  • Cakes and Spattzel, ein wunder!
  • Saturday social event with music, super! Duo Webershock/Vojtech got the strongest applause.
  • Never seen so many above 30 laps distance groups, 38 laps by Andreas Herrig. Hard to comment, must be seen.
  • MegaLine is used by more than 50% of pilots. They don’t wonder why every launch is more and more “dead” orange line growing on drum. In my opinion elastic energy changed to plastic energy. There is no use of plastic energy in F3B launch. Some people even soak MegaLine. Hard to understand for me.
  • About 10% of winches were checked by organizer. Still there were some issues. Final jury decision after Italian protest was clever and reasonable. Seems to me some “winch phenomena” tune-up will be perhaps necessary.
  • Martin Herrig’s last 13,09 speed was spectacular dot at the end of Kirchheim Open 2011.

(updated April 26, 2011) F3B Kirchheim Open 2011 video

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