CIAM FAI Meeting

You can read output from CIAM FAI RC-Soaring Technical Meeting held this April 16-th, in Lausanne (CH). Some important notices

  • Transmission of signal strenght and battery status on todays 2,4GHz systems is finally allowed.
  • F3B/If using slotted poles on winch battery, both poles should be slotted, not just only one.
  • F3B/Proposal of Belgium delegate when “pilot can toss model in the air at Distance task whenever he wants” was fortunatelly rejected
  • F3F/F3F becomes after loooong years official FAI discipline. F3F World Championship can be held.
  • Possible date of next F3BWorld Championship in China is after 25-th September 2011 (unofficial info)

…and many other changes for F3J, F3K etc.

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