F3B Kirchheim Open 2010

Nice competition accompanied by nice weather and controlled by experienced team lead by H.P.Goelz, M.Seyfang and U.Trautwein. Very pleasant airfield background, incl. water, showers, cakes etc.

Since September 2009 my first Eurotour competition. I was pleased to meet again so many nice friends from F3B community. This year I started my season with Tanga.

Jiri Baudis was flying already 2-nd Eurotour competition with his new project (cooperation with Dirk Pflug). Model is typical with its extreme aspect ratio. Depth at wing root is 210mm. Performance is very promissing. I guess F3B model producers will follow soon this philosophy.

Also talking to some people about lines and especially new orange EMC Vega lines. Are they really so good as written?  Generally, many people say line should be soaked. Some very experienced people say: wasting of time… Line should be soaked 48hours before use, not more not less. After few hours on sunshine is all water (cca 1%) gone.

Weather was really tricky. One group flying 10-12 laps, another 35 laps. Just look at picture bellow. In one group 35/18 laps. Nearly 20 laps difference, eeehh it hurts! I guess 35 was Martin Herrig.

Bernhard Flixeder jr. (Austria) was 3-rd in total ranking. This small guy was flying amazingly.

…and last but not least, even Martin Webershock found LOLO5 to be the best F3X logger today available and will fly it.

Kirchheim Open home page incl. results. Some more pictures from D.L.Heinlin.

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