F3B Mladá Boleslav (updated Sept. 15)

Weather forecast was correct (see bellow)-nearly F3B paradise. Reasonable temperature (“only” 28°C/82°F) and wind 5m/s (SE) just about 45° to line. Already a few weeks before contest we agreed cooperation with Badesalz team. Nice and efficient work with Martin Weberschock, Helmut Edenhofer, Frank Thomas and Michael Mohr. Thank you boys.

In total we were flying 4 full rounds and 5-th final speed (39 pilots) when you check results of Duration you will find that A was everything but not easy task. Many good pilots failed here. Airfield Mlada Boleslav is famous for very tricky thermal conditions.

Organizer had to close NW part of sky while there was standard sport aircraft traffic. Some pilots respected this limitations, some not. Seems to me that this fact was also point of discussion in Round 2 Groups 2 and 3. These two groups were flown again after jury decision.

I also remember funny situation from Rnd4 Duration. With Jan Kohout, my teammate, we were flying in same group. Martin Webershock became my helper. At that time looks to me I was already very close to podium position and every mistake could be fatal. In first stage I got line cut on launch but I was still able to catch full flying time just by few seconds (thanks to Jan Stonavsky). Starting 2-nd minute I was controlling different model and after 100m fall I recovered model in 140m. Still nearly 7 minutes to fly and crap air everywhere… Last nearly 4 minutes circling at 40m above my head. We were laughing with Martin after landing. I’m not sure if it was horror or funny story. I got 1000 from this flight.

In this contest good luck was also with me in Distance Rnd4. When you look at log I had nearly 350m after launch. Stinger was screaming 4 minutes resulting 30 laps. For me it was the most thrilling experience from this contest. But not because I defeated my rivals (they were 26? also not so bad) or it was some exceptional number of distance laps, not at all. I was just shaken by this crazy up&down ride (smile). This story just remembers me to F3B Kirchheim 2011(?) Peter Fusek lent me his Freestyler 3 (I crashed my only one Stinger on Thursday training). I was flying FS3 for 2-nd time in my life (just one Duration, Friday morning). I was flying 34(?) laps at famous Kirchheim “Distance Alley” over Teck. These moments are for me worth all of that F3B craziness, aren’t they?


Well, I’d like to say thanks to Pavel Marek and his melody boys not only from LMK Libeň and LMK ČSA. They made good job. CU next year in Mlada Boleslav.

Results PDF


Another F3B World Cup series contest in Czech Republic will be held this coming weekend (Sept 7.-8.). Weather forecast is promising.

Starting list incl. winch line positions (PDF) and organizer website.


Weather forecast


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