F3B WC 2011 update #3

Trying to carefully evaluate what from “behind curtain” to publish here. Hopefully text of  this letter will give you another feeling of whole matter. Seems to me Chinese org. team made huge mistake when underestimating communication to all involved people. As I already mentioned, this substantially changed.

Read on…

Dear FAI Sec.Gen. Mr.Stephane Desprez , CIAM President Mr.Bob Skinner and F3B Chairman Mr.Thomas Bartovsky:

I do realized the inconveniece we caused by the bad commuciation alrough we are indeed working for it. Once again say sorry to all the persons related!
I am here once again to promise you that we will improve the commuication for F3B world championships in China. Every letter I will personally monitor and with handling instruction at the first time. Tomorow I will visit Laiwu city again for further discusion of F3B in all the aspects including culture activities.

Actually F3B already out of the our national competition for 15 years, the reason for us to organize is to do something for CIAM, WE HAVE A LONG TERM PLAN to all the championships in the following years  in China!  I am sure that with my all the experience to all kinds of world airsports championships WE confidently to organize a succesful one, this is the base line!

March 9th, FAI President will visit Beijing, we will confirm all the above to him again!
We will not make you dispointed!

Warm regards,Thank you for your support!

cc. FAI President John Grubbstrom
WANG LEI  Model Sports Director of ASFC

FAI CHINA Delegate

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