Tanga-Let’s start

At the beginning of this year I got finally my Tanga from Bretamodel. This project, as far as I know, is cooperation result of Boehlen’s family (dedicated Tanga website), Norbert Habe and already mentioned Bretamodel. This species combination was for me promissing and I decided to build and fly this airplane. I will present here some hints from my model building.

First what I do, when I have new kid at home, I weigh it. It’s good to have both wing halves same weight, for example.

My Tanga empty (no modification) weights

  • Fuselage 296g
  • Ballast tube 21g
  • V-tail (glass) 83g
  • Wing joiner 125g
  • Left Wing 593g
  • Right wing 593g
  • Sum 1710g

Using my standard bulding procedures I could expect final flying weight around 2150g.

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