Mag+ magnetic switch and Jeti telemetry

We prepared Mag+ magnetic switch new firmware update. Besides the others these new features will allow you to have under control e.g. used capacity of your on-board LiIon batteries (quite flat discharging characteristics, beware). List of features:

  • Compatible with Jeti Telemetry incl. JetiBox and DC/DS transmitters. Signal cable originally used for LED external display is connected to EXT. Jeti receiver port.
  • Maximum measured capacity is 8000mAh. If over this limit -999mAh is displayed.
  • Max. Voltage 13V, max. Current 20A (peak).
  • All other parameters and features are same as in original Mag+
  • New firmware is available on request ( If you own LOLO USB dongle you can flash update by yourself. If you don’t have USB interface I will make flash for you just for return postage.


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