1.32 F3B parties

Last three F3B WorlCup contest were quite windy. We were using mostly 1.32 MegaLine. I have in mind Nardt (GER), Jesenik (CZE) and Athisnes (BEL). It’s always pleasant if you don’t have to care too much about your launch setup because you have good altitude anyhow. BTW in Athisnes we were using also 1.5ML (thanks Reinhard and Thomas Dylla); I didn’t even know there is such thick rope (smiling). Now just very briefly:


  • Sunny, stormy and windy weather
  • 2 days before contest setting up borrowed Fosa Lift (thanks Honza)
  • Interesting experience
  • Amazing launch and speed performance, but could be masked by windy/easy conditions


  • Quite cold and windy weather
  • Duration was for many pilots disaster; not easy to fly 10 minutes
  • 2 days (Thursday) before contest I finished my new Pike Precision. New shockingly thin and nose short fuselage. Also brand new LDS system in wing installed (Samba&MP Jet cooperation). I was so in hurry I didn’t make not even one picture.
  • Friday first training flights and Saturday morning first contest flights
  • I was really surprised by performance of this model and also by pleasant and mild flight characteristics


  • Sunny, stormy and windy weather. SpeedCup was not so windy (about 1-2m/s/90°sidewind)
  • Good training on SpeedCup (thank you Denis)
  • Winner Martin Herrig with average 13.77sec (5 from 6), crazy…
  • I had 14.33 with my 8 days old Pike
  • Jan (Honza) Kohout flying 12.56 in regular contest with his Pike. Fastest speed time flown out of USA? (Dave Klein, Florida Gator2013 11.90) I’m happy to witness both these flights.
  • Last duration and my Pike was completely damaged in zoom midair. Half of wing never found. Bugger…!
  • Denis Duchesne (CD) was trying old-new distance model launch logistics using color flags (also confirmed by walkie/talkie). Not so bad idea, interesting. At least lessens CD/starter mind load when allowing and announcing launched models. Also gives pilots a bit more free space to decide when to launch.
  • CRPAL has new airport base-house. We could only envy such nice building.


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