F3B WC Update #21

As promised, yesterday I was at our F3B Contest Site. Drawing you can see from picture bellow. Be carefull this is not the final one (did somebody say there is something final one?!). We move social and team areas (red color) to one spot. Some other modifications I will discuss today with people in charge.


F3B WC Update #20

OK, I’m at Laiwu (after deadly delays in flight Prague -Frankfurt. Reason? Flight Dispatcher strike. Earning poor 120.000 EUR/year, 50 days of holidays etc., I would strike also). Yesterday visiting Opening and Pricegiving ceremonies areas. Also watching outdoor LED display (4,16mx1,92m) and solving some technical issues.

As regards, customs clearance of already shipped stuff. Organizer […]

F3B WC Update #19

My Laiwu visit is one week postponed; 2-nd week of August.

Address of hotel in Laiwu where all teams should stay:

XinBai Grand Hotel No.17 Luzhong East Street, Laiwu Shan Dong, China. Post Code: 271100

F3B WC Update #18

I’v just got info from Yiwen

When you send stuff to China in advance, you should provide following info to whole shipment

name of the equipment what’s the material what is used for how long it will stay in China where it goes (destination see my comment at upd. #14)

Customs clearance costs are on […]

F3B WC Update #17

First week of August I should be again in Laiwu and check F3B WC Contest Site readiness. If any other matter I should discuss there, let me know.

F3B WC Update #16

Bulletin number 2 and Official entry form should be available every moment at F3B WC website. Official Chinese website is sometimes deadly slow. You can download above mentioned documents also here. Bulletin #2 (PDF) and EntryForm (PDF), alternatively Entry Form (DOC).

F3B WC Update #15

Since beginning I had idea how to make your F3B racing in China maybe a bit easier. I agreed with two famous winch line providers Mr. H.B.Einck and Mr. T.Yiobe special conditions for line delivery.

You can select from German or Japanese lines, both are excellent. Contact either H.B.Einck-Emcvega (www.emcvega.de or hb@emc-vega.de) or Tatsuya Yiobe […]