Cakeheim (updated May 1)

To organize F3B contest for more than 100 pilots is not easy task. Organize such contest in bad weather is challenge. Modellsport Club Kirchheim Teck e.V. crew made excellent job. Michael Seyfang and Ueli Trautwein on winchline and Hans-Peter Goelz in background were guiding us between fog and rain quite safely.


Colmar (updated April 8)

I can’t remember when I dressed so many layers on me. There were far more colder and windy days this damned winter, but I was never more than 48 hours on airfield.

Part of French crew.


F3B Gator 2013 (updated March 4)

March 4

Game is over. I’d like to believe that we all enjoyed such awesome event. The biggest thank you belongs to Gordon Buckland. If you was trying anytime to organize bigger F3B contest only you can appreciate how much effort, energy, time and worries it costs.

I never experienced combination of such strong wind […]