LOLO5 firmware update 2.93

As I mentioned in news, LOLO5 production is stopped (sold out) and I started to work on LOLO6. Prototypes should be ready within 1-2 months. Sure, support for LOLO5 is running in normal manner. I bring you new firmware update. Please, follow instructions.

Do you use LOLO5 as standalone logger without Jeti Duplex?

  • You can skip this update. Nothing new for you.

Do you use LOLO5 with Jeti Duplex and Jetibox (display)?

  • When using LOLO5 and Jeti Expander (port expander) you couldn’t hear LOLO vario signal. Now it’s fixed.
  • New item “New Record”  in LOLO5 Jetibox menu. You can start now new record without switching off LOLO5. When you select New Record, current record is terminated and within 15sec new one will start.

Please when updating logger firmware follow LOLO5 instructions. You will find there also firmware file.

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