F3B WCH 2019 Jeseník (4.8.2019) aka Before


Initial ceremony after strong rain

Jesenik-WorldCUP-2019 Final Results (tent is slowly sinking in thunderstorm water-smile)

1ABC 2AB, now final speed in reverse order

1ABC 2A, storm is comming…

F3B WorldChampionship 2019 starting list


Round 1 complete 1ABC

Round 1 Duration 1A

Saturday morning

Modified safety area


I guess safety area layout will be changed. Relaunch landing on west side will be possible.

PreContest winchline position (PDF)

PreContest starting list Jesenik-2019

Menu for comming weekend and WCH week. Orders at Jan Stonavsky personally. If you want meal this weekend you have to order it during Friday.


In Jesenik surroundings I’m already more than one week and weather is really tricky, to let galosh at home was maybe mistake(?)

Hello F3B fellows, I will try to keep you informed about comming F3B World Championship 2019 in Jeseník.

Right now just important info about training possibilities at Mikulovice airfield. Because of official real sailplanes contest for our training is available only top-left corner (North-East) of airfiled. Anyhow, be carefull and watch airtraffic around you.

Raw timeschedule

Friday 2.8. afternoon models check-in
Friday 2.8. late afternoon official training
Saturday/Sunday up to 14:00 pre-contest
Sunday 17:00 official ceremony
Monday 1-st WCH contest day

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