Czech F3B team at World Championship 2017

This year starting 5-th  August czech F3B team will participate at F3B World Championship.

Pilots of F3B Czech team:

Petr Fusek
Jan Kohout
Roman Vojtěch (TM)

Michal Behenský
Jiří Tůma

As I know WC location (airfield Mikulovce LKMI) quite well don‘t hesitate to ask me any questions about this place. I‘d like to help any F3B friends, especially those which never had chance to fly here. Necessary to state that I‘m NOT member of organization staff, so all infos here are just my private statements.

Few hints for beginning:

Location of airfield. I‘m using czech map website (I guess only Czech, but once you are here you can learn a few czech words) which is far better and more detailed than e.g. Google Maps. is also application for smartphones (Android and IOS), you can use it as off line maps (no need for mobile data), you can download besides of complete Czech republic also nearly any european country (maybe Poland will be convenient, airfiled is 2km from Czech-Polish border). Maps are also off-line routable.

When I travel by car from Prague it‘s about 4:30 hours drive. I go to Hradec Králové (highway) and then Vamberk, Žamberk, Králíky, Hanušovice, Jeseník and airfield. From Hradec Králové there is no highway so you will have to slowdown a bit.  For sure there are also variants over Poland (Klodzko) which are maybe a bit faster, but for me parts around city Králíky and Hanušovice is always something like bath for my soul; amazing virgin part of nature.

In Hanušovice at petrol station there is old, dirty, ugly house. There are wooden doors with small window. This window is selling point of local bakery products; if you are fan of sweets you will be thrilled by wide range of hot and fresh typical czech/moravian cakes. Ask for Vánočka or Koláč povidla/tvaroh, Koláč hruška/tvaroh and many others. You will buy there also fantastic czech bread. Anyhow opening hours are a bit strange I guess 14:00-18:00(?) But very often they are completely sold out far before closing window. When window is closed and there are openning hours use ringer on doors. Be aware there is on right side (10-15m) of this small window also shop saying “bakery”, no this is not bakery which I’m talking about.

2 comments to Czech F3B team at World Championship 2017

  • Pang

    Good luck Roman and team at the F3B worlds.

    Still missing good times at 2011 China

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Pang,
      thank you very much for wishes. Yeah, China 2011 was deadly instructive life experience. Looks to me as story from my youth as it was in deep past (smiling). Good luck mate…