F3B WC 2015 Deleen (upd. July 31, 2015)

Unofficial ranking list after Round1 (PDF), Round2 (PDF).  Thanks to Tomas Bartovsky. Looks to me that organizers have serious problems with public communication.

P.S. So far is for me big mystery how they can present results from Arnhem Open when only one round was flown. Definition
b) The combination of task A, B and C constitutes a round. A minimum of two rounds must be flown. Except at World and Continental Championships the last round may be incomplete, i.e. only one task or any combination of two tasks. In the case of a World Championships each competitor is entitled a minimum of five rounds subject to the provision of rule B.13, Section 4B. At the discretion of the organiser any task may be flown first in a scheduled round.

Updated Jul 31 2015

Results appearing on official website? Hurrah…

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