My debts

Took me some time to digest end of this F3B season, nevertheless debts should be paid. May look strange to talk about contests after more than three months, but I make notes, logs and comments from every flying day, therefore shouldn’t be so big issue for me.

F3B Mlada Boleslav

Deadly hot&no wind contest. If there was some wind it was exactly crosswind direction. We were flying mostly 1.12 MegaLine and some bigger winch drum diameters (55-60mm). My 2-nd Pike Perfection was just one month old. I was permanently searching some setup for this dead air conditions.

When I look at my notes, I was flying distance mostly 2600-2700g. That’s really not much. For speed was Pike ballasted about 3000-3200g(once) maximum (also not so much).

Funny was 1-st speed round. Only one Austrian pilot got huge thermal and was flying 13.xx. Until that moment everybody who was bellow 18.xx was king of the road. You can see my log; I was launching twice…


Flying speed from 190m is never big fun. Just imagine that there is proposal to shorten F3B line to 150m; not good idea. Pike Perfection 3000g, CG+2.5g, variable, time 17.15sec

You can also see two duration altitude records. Once 240m (that’s really bad), but good air afterwards and once 300m launch and deadly sink -0.49m/s. Just to make you feel how tricky were conditions.


Duration. Pike Perfection 2170g CG+7.5g. Sink -0.49m/s

This was really tough contest and big challenge for organizer staff too. Friday/Saturday night our camp was visited by thieves and Saturday morning we had to solve many boring procedures with police etc., bugger! Anyhow I have impression that guys were doing their best… It was big lesson for everybody.

F3B Mlada Boleslav results ( PDF)

F3B Lunen

In Lunen contest starts always already Friday evening with Peter Hubbertz behind beer faucet. Peter is experienced landlord and for sure F3B contest organizer.

This year guys from Modellflug abt. Flugsportgruppe e.V. selected flag management of Distance task. Same as Denis Duchesne in Belgium. I think it’s good way how to lessen logistics load on winch-line manager and give pilots more freedom in decision making. Thumb up!

Weather was not too comfortable and Sunday forecast was even worse. We were flying as late as we could, but that’s nothing new in Lunen. Saturday last Distance I crashed into tree. My Pike was heavy damaged. F3B season 2014 was just over for me.

At Sunday we could see popular Speed Knock Out; spectacular celebration of F3B sport and the best pilots won by Martin Herrig.

Well this season was for me a bit black&white. When evaluating end of season probably white&black would be more precise. I always had my new Pike not longer than 30-40 days. Looking forward for next year, will be definitely better.

F3B Lunen results ( PDF)

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