F3B Munchen

Weather (always) could be better. Nearly everywhere in Central Europe was nice Indian summer only in Munchen area heavy low clouds, bad visibility and occasional slight rain. But it’s autumn isn’t it?


At the beginning of week I crashed both my models; prototype Stinger (flying whole season) and original two years old Stinger. Wednesday evening I repaired original one. At the end this experience was for me hard to pay for while I was pushed to come back to original Stinger. This lesson was for me very instructive.

Needless to talk about some details from contest itself. When you watch results at Christian’s site carefully, everything is clear. For sure you can also read report by Andreas Herrig from O Fest Cup at www.f3b.de

I had chance to talk with Armin Hortzitz and Uwe Schlaffke-Mowinkel about F3B FAI WorldCup/Eurotour issue. Also very illuminating. If I would know details about whole story I wouldn’t perhaps sign mentioned F3B Eurotour initiative. Now I just realized we could spent a few words about “manipulated” WC in Nardt. Looks as we had something more interesting and reasonable to talk about?

Our cooperation with Badesalz Team was big fun but effective in any aspect. That’s my opinion. Thank you Martin, Luigi, Frankie and Michael.

MCM orchestra mostly conducted by Armin Hortzitz was playing overture of F3B season 2013 in high standard; as usually.

I’m glad this season is gone. I feel a bit tired. This year we were  flying with Jan Kohout about 10 WorldCup contests. Jan even about 13. Many top overseas pilots (USA, AUS, JPN, SAR etc.) were flying same number of competition in whole life(!) Thinking about it, how inefficient we are.

Last but not least. It was first time in 38 years long history of F3B Munchen when Ralf Decker was not presented. Ralf, I wish you to recover soon!

Take care boys and Michelle.

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