Variable Jesenik

That was busy week, but finally I can offer you brief report from F3B Jesenik to make my WorldCup 2013 series reports complete.

3-rd week of June was really extreme here in Central Europe. Tuesday and Wednesday were the most hot days by last 60 years, up to 37°C (99°F) and Friday we witnessed temperature drop by nearly 20°C (68°F) to 17°C (63°F), crazy stuff isn’t it?


Speed task 2900-330g, VV model prototype

  • When you look at picture bellow it was wind direction forecast for Sunday. Funny is that same conditions were in Saturday also. Heavy rain storms were passing by Mikulovice airfield (Jesenik) very close but never hit us. Sure wind was very variable.wind_jesenik
  • Average wind speed was about 0-1m/s. We were flying really thin lines.
  • Many top pilots were smashed by these tricky conditions. Even duration was tough task, not talking about distance and speed.
  • When you see my altitude speed task logs it’s no optimistic picture. Permanently in bad air (sinking to A base…) I had to live with that. The only exception was last speed; good air on course (14,96sec). Red line log was 3300g, starting speed from less than 200m is really frustrating.
  • You can compare my initial heights to one launch log from this year Gator 2013 (Florida, US). Tom Kiesling’s Fosa Lift- 380m. BTW this is the highest launch ever seen and documented by me.
  • Petr Hulik, our youngster is performing better and better. Výborně Petře!
  • Last but not least. Jan Stonavsky and all officials made again smooth and nice contest. No wonder, whole A and B base buzzermans crew was nearly same as in WC Ivancice 2009, very experienced group of people.

Tom Kiesling, Florida 2013 F3B Gator. Disregard my drawing notes, I was trying to calculate something for me.

CU in Belgium

Detailed results from the best F3B software by Michal Behensky and small movie by Jan Kohout.

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