Belgium 2013

I like these contests with aprox. 50 pilots. It’s optimum. You have (sometimes) time to relax and still flying quite often.

This year we were happy (with Jan Kohout) to join French Top Team, Isabelle and Patrik Medard, Philip and Jeremy Lagrue. Smooth and precise cooperation. Simple with professionals…

  • Long trip for us; nine hours in car one way, pffff…
  • Thursday nice speed cup. Won by Jiri Baudis, Jan Kohout 3-rd. Hmmm who was 2-nd? I was cutting B-base twice therefore in main contest I was a bit conservative in speed task
  • No strong wind 1-3m/s mostly 80-90°from left (in Anthisnes there is only one direction winch line allowed)
  • Some duration rounds were lethal (you know that, everybody is 6:00, but there is always one f?*$1 who will fly full time)
  • Some distance were lethal (difference from 10-15 laps was no problem, my case in last distance)
  • Lovely social Saturday event, excellent meal, very good bier.
  • Always pleasant to meet all good friends. Long talks with Peter Hubbertz, Armin Hortzitz and the others about coming WC and 12 winches for German team.
  • Competition driven by Denis Duchesne and Paullete Halleux. For sure without all volunteers no chance to make such nice contest.
  • If I will forget that bloody long way there, I will be happy to come next year again.
  • Many pictures from Anthisnes by Frederic Belche.

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