Well and what now?

In my previous article you could read about strange proposals circling in FAI CIAM.
I’d like to give you brief insight to FAI CIAM hierarchy and procedures. If we want to save our sport it’s good to understand it. Let’s keep it simple.


  • There is Bureau. Seven members. No right to vote.
  • There are Delegates. Only they have right to vote.
  • There are Subcommittees. Only one of them is RC Soaring Sub-committee. Chairmain is Czech Tomáš Bartovský, sure he is on our side of barricade.
  • Interesting is also one point; President of FAI CIAM Antonis Papadopoulos is still member of RC Soaring Sub-Committee.
  • These Subcommittees are “only” preparing agenda for Delegates. They have no right to vote unless member of Subcommittee is at the same time Delegate.
  • Plenary (all Delegates) meeting is once a year. This year it will be at April (PDF).
  • Important Open Forum (see comments of my original article) will be held this April. There will be no final decision about our matter.
  • Output from this forum will be processed and passed by to Bureau.
  • December 2013 Bureau will prepare final proposals for Plenary April(?) 2014. From here will come final decision.

Well and what now? Again simple.

  • Find your national FAI CIAM delegate in this list.
  • Ask him/her about opinion to this matter and try to convince him/her that such odd proposals are for soaring community (not only in your country) unacceptable.
  • Sure talk also to any of your country Sub-committee member and explain him/her what’s is our concern. They can also help us to influence Delegates.
  • In comments bellow let’s know about progress or result of your activities, that we know what’s going on.

I know all above sounds simple, but things are not so simple. There are many partial interests, hidden diplomacy, animosities, friendliness etc. like everywhere. Doesn’t matter our goal is clear. Try to help us and protect RC Soaring Worldwide.

As gift I will now dig in to my rich archive and occasionally I will present you here some RC soaring pictures. All what’s written above is without warranty and my only intention is to keep RCS Worldwide Spirit alive for ever.

11 comments to Well and what now?

  • Johnson

    Hi Roman,
    Though I cannot find the delegate for Hong Kong on the list, our local club is trying to get the responsible office here (which is responsible of issuance FAI sporting license) to see if it can help to convery our message.


  • Hi Johnson,
    try to talk to Lei Wang(?)

  • Johnson

    Hi Roman, I have tried contacting Lei Wang since returning from last F3B China but no success. I also approached the F3A and F3C teams to see if there is other means. Even he mobilephone is not answered??? I hope our local club can reach him anyway.

  • Hi Johnson,
    it was never easy to reach Leo. Fingers crossed. I will try also.

  • Hi Roman,

    I have managed to advise the Argentinian NAC as well!

  • Hi Francisco,
    that’s great!

  • The CIAM session meetings will be held from tomorrow.

    I just had a conversation with our delegate. Mr. Reé will be against any initiative consisting of killing the F3B WC.
    Although, he emphasized that F3B got back regarding organizing countries in the recent period so there were not too many nominees for organizing the World Championchips and it is can be later a critical point. In case there are insufficient number of countries to apply for the role of organizing the event, or too few competitors, the issue will rise again such as in the scale categories.

  • Hi Laci,
    great to hear about you after some looong time! Thank you for info. Let’s see what will be output from Plenary meeting.

    Come to F3B Jesenik and we will have czardas, goulash and palinka (smile).

  • 🙂 Roman, thanks for your words, it would be very good. I registered for Jesenik but it still depends whether I get hands from my previous mates…from 2010 I had to stop organizing domestic F3B comps here because of less than 5 people available and very few potential helpers. Rest ex-F3Bs have gone flying manned machines or gave everything up. At the time being, Hungary only F3j and F5j and F5j-400 comps are going relatively well but those are totally different worlds without sufficient amount of adrenaline. Therefore, as a “worstcase” (if nothing can be changed this year) F3F would be a feasible focus for me, still thinking.

  • Laci, if you have troubles with teammates write to Jan Stonavsky (organizer/CD) and ask to join our team-Lomcovak. We will take care about you.

  • Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.

    Silence is the virtue of those who are not wise
    — ???.