F3B Gator 2013 (updated March 4)

March 4

Game is over. I’d like to believe that we all enjoyed such awesome event. The biggest thank you belongs to Gordon Buckland. If you was trying anytime to organize bigger F3B contest only you can appreciate how much effort, energy, time and worries it costs.

I never experienced combination of such strong wind and thermals like here in Florida. Well, it was used by Dave Klein and Mike Lachowski to push F3B again more forward. Hat down.

There is always big rush around top pilots. They deserve such publicity, but we shouldn’t forget ordinary blokes comming to F3B community. I admire courage of Andres Cordova, Sebastian Vergara, Gonzalo Simon, Cristian Simon (all from Chile), Lance Ropke and Brad Baxter (both US) to come and withstand such extreme conditions. I bet you will remember this contest forever. My respect boys, keep flying…

Well, F3B WorldCup 2013 and F3B World Championship year just started. See you at F3B Colmar (France).

Gator 2013 results (PDF) from www.f3b.de

Many pictures and comments about F3B Gator2013 on RCGroups.


March 3 morning

If you are interested in Gator I’m sure you already know that F3B World record was here broken twice. 11.98 was first flown by Mike Lachowski in smooth and precise way. After 1 hour was David Klein flying 11.90! There was also amazing speed run 12.89 by Peter Hubbertz.

Condition at IRKS airfield were in Saturday exeptional and I never saw something similar. Necessary to say, that Mike and Dave  were not flying in the best air. They were flying “just” precisely.

Today we will finish contest perhaps by 6 rounds + 1 speed.

March 1 evening (21:30)

Just sitting in front of lobby (here is WiFi working) only in pajams and making short update for you. We had another really busy day. Starting after 9:00 and closing with last speed run nearly 18:00. Huge thermals and boring sinks. Dave Klein flying 13.01 speed with fair reserve. Some other sub-14teens. Five distance rounds thanks to officials at A and B. I guess we could cope with plan to fly 8 rounds, depends on weather.

Quite big temperature change. Really cold, this I like, but from thursday my mouth is burned anyhow. Part of the day I was jumping on winchline with my GoPro Hero 3 on my head. Maybe some footage will be usable, lets see…

P.S. We witnessed rocket launch at Cape Canaveral, awesome.


March 1

Yesterday we had amazing flying day. Hot sun, blue sky and fair wind (5-7m/s). Peter Hubbertz and Armin Hortzitz (both Germany) came afternoon. Peter has very boring flu, but he is hero and I’m sure he will master it. After long time I met also  some pilots from South America-Chile.  Andres Cordova, Sebastian Vergara, Cristian Simon and Gonzalo Simon group of wonderful blokes. Just imagine they have seven F3B contest per year in Chile(!)

We were flying mostly speed. More than 60 measured flights thanks to Phil Rieger (B base) and Andy Fox (A base). Many 14 and some sub-14. Today we start contest.

P.S. Waiting at lobby for breakfast and watching sky. Clouds passing by quite fast. Mmmm, history will repeat? Gator 2012 was really windy race.



It’s early morning here in Sanford nearby Orlando. Sitting with Gordon and planning Gator. Looks as this year we have only one direction wind. No need for two lines direction. Here in US not everybody has three winches as we have in Europe, therefore changing winchline is a bit “better to avoid” activity. See you at IRKS airfield.



Just finishing breakfast in snowy Prague and heading to airport. About 12 hours in airplain and my F3B season 2013 will start at sunny Florida. Looking forward to see all of you guys. When looking at forecast, Sunday looks a bit windy. History will repeat? Last year exactly same scenario. Let’s see if there is some room to keep you informed about this year F3B Gator.


Yes, that’s true. Nearly within one month you can already fly first F3B WorldCup 2013 contest this year. Watch RCGroups thread and also Gator 2013 website and don’t forget to check in. Also read my report from last year.


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  • Have a good trip to sunny Florida! looking forward to your report.


  • Denis Duchesne

    Hello all,

    I really hope next year to join friends in Gator to.

    Enjoy the state.

    Regards, Denis

  • Pang and Denis,
    thank you guys. I’m sure all Americans will be happy to meet you here. We had nice dinner in Chinese restaurant and me interesting talk with Armin about F3B furure (all that telemetry, batteries and winch stuff). Peter is still relaxing, but I guess it will be better for him tomorrow.