Game is over

Don’t be fooled. This picture doesn’t say truth about weather at this year Munchen F3B Oktoberfestpokal although weather forecast wasn’t too optimistic. Friday was very nice (Indian Summer), Saturday was so so and Sunday acceptable. Yes, took me ten years to forget always bad weather in Munich and come again.

…and now only briefly

  • Amazing performance of Andreas Boehlen, no question. When I was flying speed 3000g (wind maybe 2m/s?) he was flying 4000g. I wouldn’t launch, well done buddy. Andreas deserves this year World Cup winner prize as nobody else. Sure, not only thanks to flying speed 1kg heavier than me (smile).
  • It’s also pleasant for me to pin-point result of Jiri Baudis in F3B WorldCup (3-rd place). Jiri moves Czech F3B forward and that’s good…
  • At one moment Armin stopped contest due to few rain drops. I was shocked and thinking that really times are changing. If there is rain CD stops the race, even in Germany?! No, Saturday late afternoon we were flying Distance in heavy rain, again. Old but gold F3B Germany, no mercy flying (smile)
  • We were flying with Ralf’s Circuss (as one could expect) but WITHOUT sound on distance!! Nice celebration of this royal silent flight discipline-F3B. Looks like nobody was missing that crazy glockenspiel. I love this idea, bravo!
  • Armin Hortzitz, Reinhard Krischke and Karl Hinsh with Dirk Thomalla made professional contest. Sure, many and many “nameless” helpers were responsible for smooth running 37-th(!) Oktoberfest Pokal 2012.
  • Results at MCM Modellbau Club München
  • For me and my team mate Jan Kohout it was very pleasant experience to join Belgium/France team. Isabelle Wirtz-Medard, Denis Duchesne, Steve Hansoulle and Patrick Medard, thank you! It’s always good to have a chance to fly with professionals.
  • Preliminary F3B WorldCup 2013 contest list (PDF)

F3B season for this year is for me over. Nice experience. I spent a lot of time on airfield. At least for me paid off, take care…

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