F3B Lunen 2012

I like these autumn contests. Pleasant weather i.e. no grilling sunshine, reasonable temperatures and usually also some wind. It was exactly F3B Lunen 2012. When you add always friendly welcome beer at main hangar served personally by Peter Hubbertz, what more to ask?

Sunrise over Stadtkirche St.Georg which is close to flying field.

I don’t think so there is something special to report. As usually at the end of contest there was Speed Knock-Out. I always stop packing all that bloody F3B stuff (long way home; 800km) and I’m watching this F3B speed task celebration. Simply said amazing experience…

When watching e.g. Andreas Herrig flying 13.00, seems to me I should stop flying F3B and start to grow cucumbers.

Just three days of rest and heading to F3B Munchen. Years and years ago I promised Ralf Decker not to visit F3B Munchen while always when I was there it was just weather disaster; rain, mud and snow. Looks as I broke my promise for this year, after 10 years. F3B god hopefully is not aware of my presence there…

Peter, thanks for nice contest. Sure my thanks also goes to all participating people from Flugsportgruppe Lunen e.V. Results

Peter overhanding cut-off hand by winch accident to rescue helicopter in paper box. Shit happens!
Ehhh, NO, just my another bad joke. It’s always good to keep good relations between flying staff; I mean F3B pilots and Rescue Helicopter Crew from Lunen Hospital.

Looks as I have goodluck for just slow sinking, no thermal during task A flights. This is from morning Lunen. -0.375m/s

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