No wind

Weather forecast for this year F3B Kulmbach aka Plassenburg Pokal was warning us early enough. No wind and high temperatures.

  • All two days we were flying SpeedLine 1.0. Once I used MegaLine 1.12. No one break. Either in my Stinger launch setup there are still weak points (there are), air was really dead or we used too thick line.(…or combination of all factors is more likely)
  • In hot air and very weak wind it wasn’t easy to read conditions, especially on distance. Two times I was watching two top pilots just close to disaster.
  • Andreas Herrig launching north. Some other pilots launching a bit later to south. While Andreas was flying in really shit the other guys had nearly 200m more and started to fly in really good air. Andreas was still able to fly over the whole sky to about 100m altitude level. Here he got also some better air. Seems to me he got only two laps(?) If he wouldn’t fly there he would get 10 laps minimum. Amazing.
  • Jiri Baudis and Denis Duchesne flying in really bad air distance group. Denis flying about 17 laps in so so pace and altitude calculation. Jiri crossing bad air sky forth and back in nearly half altitude. Still able to do also 17 laps. Amazing. Fortune favors the prepared.
  • Seems to me Jiri Baudis was flying his new F3F project-Pitbull.
  • Helmut Bauer, Andreas Kunz together with all helpers from Modellflugvereinigung Kulmbach e.V. made nice competition in not easy conditions, thanks!
  • Delegation from free Tibet was also presented. It’s evident F3B is in focus of all unattached and open mind people.
  • Results at

F3B FAI rules minutes.

Just imagine you fly speed. You got -300 points for security line but due to buzzermens mistake you will get new working time (reflight). Does penalty goes with you or it’s cancelled while it was not valid flight? …and now you fly again and you will again cross security line. You will get another -300 points? Two penalties? Hmmm good question. Ralf Decker promissed me the answer sometimes in future.

We start duration. 3-4 pilots are in the air and suddenly there is all-over crossline. CD calls all to come back and land. Correct? No, in my opinion it’s not correct. c) says: “The result of a group is annulled if only one competitor has a valid result. In this case, the group will fly again and the result will be the official result.“ In other words if there are two pilots still in the air and they will finish task there is no reason to refly same group. Yes, the others which couldn’t launch due to crossline will fly in new group. BTW if there is need to have more pilots in reflown group (minimum 5 pilots for duration) you should use draw to add other pilots not to give always same pilots advantage of extra flight (and select better result). I know, can happen that this affected group is last one in round or day ( e.g.sun set). I’m just thinking about rules and reality… See you in Lunen.

I like these dead air duration flights. Note initial altitude difference. SL 1.0 and ML 1.12. ML 1.12 minus about 15m. Sinking Vy about -0.354m/s. Is that good or bad for F3B model?


4 comments to No wind

  • Frits Donker Duyvis

    Hello Roman,
    Thanks for your picture of the flag and your comment on it. I am happy someone recognized it.
    (I support International Campaign for Tibet for more than 10 years.)
    It was a nice indicator for the wind. I used it first in Munich last year and it was still in my tent bag.
    By the way; bringing it to China would have been a very risky action.

    Regards, Frits

  • Hi Frits,
    no problem, you are welcome. Thinking about Tibet, China human rights respect etc. was big issue for me before F3B WC 2011. At the end I decided to support F3B community and F3B sport itself. Although doubts were remaining.

  • Carles Aymat

    Hello Roman,
    About rules …
    I think safety penalties must stay. As competition pilots we must fly safely.
    I completely agree with you about the crossline/duration problem.
    Regards, Carles

    • Hi Carles,
      you are perhaps right, security is first. Just another stupid example. As I wrote above, CD was calling everybody to land in repeated duration group. While you were in hurry you landed for reflight by 30cm in lines. This is -300 points penalty. Calling everybody for reflight was against the rules in above case. Anyhow you will get penalty.

      I can imagine people which will lay down protest that they made mistake which was initialized/based on against-the-rules CD decision. Hmmm, regardless of circumstances we should behave safe. Let’s be aware of that. Just thinking loud…