Battle of Arnhem

Weather forecast for this year F3B Arnhem was correct. It was really cold and cloudy. Saturday we experienced rain for a few hours.

Airfield nearby Arnhem is really huge. Sure everything around is totally flat, we were at Holland, correct?! Area was similar to Florida IRKS airfield, but at Florida was a bit warmer weather and not so many concrete roads around as in Arnhem, actually none. Here in Arnhem in speed and distance task you could land on concrete road if you was too slow in reactions. Anyhow on roads there is no traffic, it’s closed area as whole airbase. Slight F3B sandpit layout modification and there could be nice F3B World Championship in 2015(?)

Every day we had to leave airfield by 20:00, it’s guarded military area. When sitting in near airbase pub it was for me big surprise that nearly at 22:00 there was still enough light. Holland is in the same time zone as Czech Republic but nearly 1000km more west.

Although we didn’t see sun nearly for all two days there were nice thermals; spicy essence of every F3B contest. I didn’t notice some high distance lap numbers (30 maximum?) as in famous Kirchheim “over valley” airspace. Legibility of LED panels was a bit troublesome and therefore maybe I just missed it. Holland guys are working on new panel for next contest.

Erik Heinje on winchline, Jeroen Smits at background and all helpers from Arnhemse Luchtvaartclub made nice contest. Thank you guys! I swear next time I will stop my endless questions (smile). It was long trip for us, but we don’t regret.


Written before contest:

Tomorrow morning heading to famous city with famous history. Weather forecast for F3B Arnhem Open (GPS) could be better while last week here in Central Europe (Czech Republic) we had the hottest days by last 200 years-nearly 32°C(!). For Arnhem from Friday to Saturday is even snow with rain forecasted(?!). See you there.

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