F3B 2012 season starts now (updated March 13)

Monday, March 5
Sorry to be delayed with Gator 2012 report. Saturday and Sunday was really hectic. I will report just short notices. Detailed info about  F3B Gator contest you will find at www.gatorf3b.com.

Gator, F3B in USA and America

  • It’s pity we didn’t  have more pilots
  • F3B is far the most complex and challenging silent flight category, but also far the most logistics and organizer challenging. F3B Gator is Gordon Buckland’s baby. He was guy who was responsible for success or failure of this contest. Gordon made awesome job.
  • Sure he was relying on many nice gentlemans and ladies not only from Orlando and neighborhood.
  • Always wondering why in such big country (USA) there are not so many F3B pilots and so few F3B contests. Wish you to improve.
  • On the other hand, when I evaluate number of contests, number of pilots, possibilities to compare to the others top world pilots and long time performance of US guys at Worldchampionships, it’s amazing list.
  • Always surprised by friendliness and openness of all US people, this is what I always envy to America
  • Thanks to all of you again for nice week at Florida, tomorrow heading home


  • big weather change, rain and temperature drop by 15C minimum (possibly 20C)
  • I was afraid of cloud bottom level and models visibility, but at the end that was not issue.
  • finally similar conditions like in Europe, seldom thermals, deadly sinks
  • Strong wind about 10-12m/s, many pilots were dipping on launch too late in my opinion.


  • Nice weather, maybe a bit windy (8-10m/s)
  • again (same as Friday) amazing conditions perhaps for everybody
  • some guys flying F3J (!) toys, but still performing very well in such conditions
  • buzzermans made huge job at Distance, was not easy to track some flights, when altitudes were more than 400m and far away… (looking forward to Tim Traver’s LOLO altitude logs from his Vampire)
  • Mike Lachowski’s system is simple, efficient and reliable (e.g. same as in F3B Peter Hubbertz’s Lunen, also no big display hit-parade)
  • IRKS airfield is really huge area, never seen such big space for flying. We could lay down winches in any direction and we used this ability to reconfigure winches for Sunday; a bit more windy day (smile). Due to this fact we were able to avoid unnecessarily dangerous situations when you have 90deg. strong cross wind for launch.

P.S. Sunday evening we visited with Gordon and Sheralyn German restaurant in Orlando. I was feeling like at home. Maybe yodel could be just a bit less loud aber Bratwurst, Krauter, Spatzel und Weizenbier war einfach wunder.

Saturday, March 3 (early morning)

First flying day is gone. So far I never experienced similar condition like here nearby Orlando and perhaps I was flying a few contests. I would call it nearly permanent lift, no sink; for everybody. Today morning we will start with Duration and we will fill in other tasks to complete as many rounds as possible.

Friday, March 2 (early morning)

Yesterday we completed flying field. Nearly all pilots were presented at speed task training. Conditions were exeptional, nice 3-4m/s wind with many 14 and sub 14 speeds(!) I was talking to Helmut Edenhofer (Germany) about semi-serious injury of Armin Hortzitz (another German bloke which should come), bad luck! Armin we wish you to recover ASAP.

During whole day I was using 70+ factor sunscreen, really hot even for locals. Today we start 8:30, Duration.

Jody Miller checking collinearity of A and B bases

Thursday, March 1

Yesterday was hardworking day especially for Gordon Buckland. F3BGator is his baby and asks for huge care. Afternoon I had chance to see IRKS flying field (Google map link) for the first time; lot of space around. Flat as everything here in Florida. Weather was really lovely. Wind about 3-4m/s and temperature about 31°C. A bit hot for me. With Gordon we were thinking about basic layout of this year F3B Gator. Evening we met Kyle Paulson and his wife Mary at Gordon’s hacienda. Talking not only about soaring on top of marvellous dinner made by Sheralyn, Gordon’s wife. Today we will complete flying field and we can start pre-race training day.

IRKS flying field

Maybe some raing in Sunday

Tuesday, February 28

I wouldn’t expect that my F3B season 2012 will start already in February. This Friday Gordon Buckland on behalf of Indian River Kontrol Society and Orlando Buzzards will launch F3B Gator 2012. First WorldCup competition this year. Gator is followed by Milang in Australia and beginning of April we start in Europe, Austria, Salzburg.

One could just say “Let’s fly”, but it’s not so simple. Frankfurt, my favorite airport for overseas flights , is in strike again (air traffic controllers union want 70% salary increase, lovely idea). All flights are canceled except my jump from Prague to Frankfurt (smile). Somebody up there loves me…(?)

If there is time and enough resources I will try to keep you informed about this sunny Florida event. Just few days before I left cross-country skiing area of Bohemia (Czech Republic) in -25°C and now within few hours heading to 28°C Orlando, uff.

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  • Wow, what a mess. I want a 70% increase too. Maybe for all the citizens of Greece as well. 🙂

    Well, I hope it all works out with minimum hassle.I look forward to seeing you on Thursday.


  • Hi Dave,
    I’m already at Sanford with Gordon. Today going to airfield. See you.

  • mihaeul

    So I see the “completely same” conditions as in China ufff… 🙂
    I wish so nice flying under the leadership of Roman.

  • Johnson

    Wow, what a lovely piece of flat land…..and flying site….

    Wish you a great success.