TracLog (sold out Sept.2011)

TracLog, neat device for precise F3X launch tuning.  My traction logger was designed by my specification. I colaborated with people experiencing more than 40 years in traction and stenght industry. Prototype I’m flying nearly two years. Right now we finished a few pieces.


  • Independent device, no need for airplain wired connection
  • Own LiPo battery source (below 3,5V red LED warning)
  • Max load 1000N (sure there is tolerance for higher load, but for F3X you will never need more)
  • 100ms sampling rate
  • Weight 42g
  • Status LED
  • PC software (Windows) and USB connection
  • TracLog Operating Instructions

10 comments to TracLog (sold out Sept.2011)

  • Bob

    Hi Roman, can you use your TracLog with telemetry function, so you can see the load directly on the display of the transmitter? This way you could test starts with each time the same tension on the rope… Nice tool! Regards, Bob

    • Hi Bob,
      my prototype has link to Jeti Duplex system i.e. you can see it online. In my opinion, not big use of such feature, there is no time during launch for watching or correcting tension. Not talking about complexity of such system; permanent playing with wires (I mean cabling) going to fuselage etc. I thing this is task for off line analysis.

  • Bob

    Hi Roman, I meant using Bungee rubber for high starts… not the winch 😉 But I guess you’re right, the best for after hours analysing!

  • Aaron Valdes

    Hi Roman, do you have plans to make these available for sale? I would buy a couple if so! Excellent idea and beautiful implementation.

    • Hi Aaron,
      at F3B Worlds in China I have 3 pieces with me. Ask your US guys maye to buy one for you? So far I have no plans to produce another ones. Production is quite complicated and expensive. Perhaps two of them are already sold to Australia.

  • hoffmann peter

    Hi Roman,
    is there still one available and whats the price? I was just on the way to use an unilog channel to detect the tension until going off the line….


  • All pieces sold out.

  • Tim Kullack

    Hi Roman,
    I hope yourself Jan, Michal and Vitek are home safely.
    Thanks once again to all four of you. I know you are all happy to be home 🙂
    Just touching base regarding TracLog.
    Can you please point towards required drivers etc that we spoke about.

    Best Regards