F3B WC Update #23

Today I was nearly full day at ASFC headquarter. We made with Yiwen lot of work. Solved many outstanding matters. Hopefully helped you.

  • My mail (info@lomcovak.cz) was out of order. Now should be fixed. If you got “bounced” from my mail, please resend.
  • As you can read at official WC website, please send date and flight of your arrival to Jinan International Airport to have transport to Laiwu.
  • I plan to have complete referee staff ready at Saturday, Sept. 17. I ask you to help me and be ready to train my buzzerman team. Let me know (or Yiwen) when you plan to start your training. There is unfortunatelly no other spare flying field.

Tomorrow morning leaving back to our old-but-gold, slowly failing Europe Union.

Final one from Zhang Lu, my personal assistant (smile)

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